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White Sky, Black Ice - Stan Jones

Intriguing setting & characters, but not enough umph. We shall see if there's any improvement in the second of the series.

Spirit of Steamboat: A Walt Longmire Story - Craig Johnson

A very nice, thrilling holiday-themed novella featuring Walt Longmire and Lucian Connally.  No murder, just two guys trying to save a little girl's life, racing against time and weather on Christmas Eve.

Spider Woman's Daughter - Anne Hillerman

It's been over 20 years ago (in my early teens) since I started reading Tony Hillerman's Leaphorn & Chee mysteries. I'm pretty sure I've read them all. When I saw this, I hoped she can pick up where her father left off. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I'm not entirely sure if it's my age, or my nostalgia, but it felt off to me. It didn't have the same pace, and the characters didn't seem too compelling. It was quite painful for me to read, but since I have to finish what I started, I forced myself to finish reading it. And that's not a good feeling to have.

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